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"Legend's Of The Autobahn" Report - September 29, 2013

Our end of year Holiday Report!   


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Legends of the Autobahn - 2013


Legends of the Autobahn
2013 Old Westbury Member - Daniel Foote

Our Premiere event!  

Legends of the Autobahn East was a major success! Despite a week's postponement due to wet grounds our members and those of surrounding sections shifted gears and spent a sparkling day on the grounds of Old Westbury Gardens. We recorded a record number of Mercedes Benz's, as did BMW and Porsche.


The touring classes made up the bulk of our entrants with well over 50 fifty entries.

The overall popular vote winner was Mario DiMeo with a beautiful 1966 230 SL. The Ladies choice winner was Ralph Esposito with a gorgeous 1976 450SL. Other participants included; Chris Almond 1987 300E, Sean Aryai, 1972 280 SEL, Conor Bennett 1966 300 SE, Bernie Berberich 1981 300D, Tom Blaha 2013 SL63, Robert Bishop 1974 250C, Dave Burcher 1973 280 SE, Nunzio Caruso 1973 280 SEL, Mario DiMeo 1979 SEL 6.9, Jorge Espinoza 1968 280 SL, Andy Falsetta 1993 500E, Daniel Foote 1993 500E, Eitan Goldman 2013 SLS, Ryan Gravesande 2004 E55. Josef Grahek 1984 300CD, Allan Hoffman 1977 240D, Howard Jaiors 2001 CLK55, Sandy Kane 1967 250SE Cab, Brett Kropf 2005 E55, and David Lamm 1988 300TE.

2013 Legends of the Autobahn East
2013 Legends of the Autobahn East Click on video to view in Youtube

Sandy Kane
Sandy Kane 1967 250SE Cab

Legends 2013
New Member - Mario DiMeo 1966 230 SL

After registering and parking their Mercedes Benz's participants talked shop, drank coffee and visited the display of new metal that Rally Motors brought. Rally Motors our primary sponsor brought a just released 2014 CLA. I was surprised at its roominess particularly its back seat. They also brought a soon to be released S class as well as a matte CLS and a G wagon. The people from Rally were very knowledgeable. Lunch was served just before the awards were distributed.


Additional participants included; John Lucas 1966 250S, John Mc Auliffe 1991 300D, Jeanne Morgan 1985 500 SEL, Christine Neff, 2007 R500, Daniel Nickolich 1992 400E, Dana Picariello 2010 C300, Alex Platanias 2005 E350, Alex Rosner 1981 300TD, Lee Schaner 1971 280SL, Sergio Sedita 2003 500SL , Joel Smith 1986 560SL, Frank Suriano 1976 450SL, Bob Terdeman 2002 S430 and Paul Tramontano 2006 SL500.

Each participant received a photograph of themselves in their Mercedes. The Board of Legends 2013 Directors would like to extend a big "thank you" to all of you that helped make this event successful. A special thank you goes to our neighboring Northern New Jersey Section for their support and their much appreciated judging assistance. We hope you enjoyed this event. Reported by Oliver Seligman


All club information is available here and updated on our section website. Be sure to visit our Section Web Page. All our past Star-Gazer Newsletters are available there.  Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.  Our Premier Event at Old Westbury Gardens will be updated on our Facebook page also! Please visit and "LIKE" us. Thank you.  




Presidents Message

 Pres. Oliver


The Holiday Season is almost upon us! The 2014 Mercedes Benz S class and the all new CLA are out. An exciting year is coming to a close and the promise of good things lies ahead.


Your club has had a transformative year. The Board of Directors has worked hard to develop new events that appeal to all segments of our varied membership. The Legends event which occurred a week later than scheduled brought out record attendance. Your Mercedes Benz's never looked better! Our participation in the Alternatives for Children rally was the largest of any car club and continues a tradition going back seventeen years! This past weekend we visited Mark Wehrmann Engineering  where they prepare race cars and we got to drive a race car on a simulated track. It was not easy as the steering was extremely touchy.

Mike Carroll 77 300SL

Members check out Mike Carroll's '59 300SL at the

Mark Wehrmann Engineering event. 


Our biggest accomplishment was re-establishing our relationship with the dealers located in our section. In the current issue of the STAR you will find an article about the Rockville Centre Mercedes Benz dealer formerly known as Lakeview Mercedes Benz, the oldest Mercedes Benz dealer on the Island. Rallye Motors of Roslyn was our main sponsor at Legends providing monies so that the event would be a success. They also brought with them the newly minted CLA and the new S class and members of their sales staff. Those are only two of the 10 dealerships in our section. We have established contacts within those dealerships so if you are in the market for a new or used Mercedes contact us if you want assistance.

LI Cruzin 4 a Cure - 2013
Sandy Kane at 2013 Long Island Cruizin' For A Cure Event.


We want to continue to improve so we want your feedback as to the dealership you work with and we hope to bring all of the dealerships into the fold. So whether you are having work done or purchasing a new Mercedes Benz tell us about your experience.


Our first events for 2014 are posted in our weekly e-blasts and on our updated website. I hope to see you at our annual meeting and Christmas Party on December 1st.


The entire Board of Directors wishes you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and 2014.


Enjoy your Mercedes Benz!



1967MB230 Looking back on 2013


It was a year of excellent events that will continue in 2014.  "Legends" is being recognized as a National East Coast event and we will continue to expand your club activities. Throughout the year we promoted the:
  • Snowflake - The Drivers Rally!  
  • Exotic Classic in Syosset &
    "The Annual President's - New Member Welcome Meeting"  
  • Spring Tech Session at Gullwing Motors in Mineola
  • June Jamboree in Montvale, New Jersey
  • Nettesheim BMW Museum  
  • Other Sections and National Events
  • LI Cruzin for a Cure
  • Great Neck Plaza Autofest & Street Festival
  • The Alternatives For Children Road Rallye
  • Mark Wehrmann Engineering
  • The Traditional  - Annual Meeting/Holiday Party
Jerry's SL
Wehremann Engineering 



On November 2 the New York City -Long Island section visited the shop of the race car preparation company Wehreman Engineering in Hauppauge, Long Island. What we saw as we entered the shop was a group of race cars in various states of completion. There were Ferrari's, Alfa Romero's, a vintage Tyrell Formula One and a BMW. Most of us walked right past the coffee

Wehermann Event
Dan Beer's E55 AMG
and cakes to the race cars. In the shop master technician Don Wolf provided us with a detailed description of the cars while we mingled with several owners checking up on their cars or working on them. Everyone was very friendly.



The parking lot was also a place to be. Mike Carroll's red Mercedes 300SL brought most of the group outside. There were also an interesting group of 124's and Dan Beer's E55 AMG. When we went back inside we were led to the simulated racing machines. We took turns trying to keep the cars on the track. It took a lot of concentration and sweat but most of us managed to improve our lap times with more practice. We raced the Lime Rock track in either a Radical SR8 or a Pro Mazda open wheel car.


We were then invited to visit the environmentally controlled storage area where we were in for a big treat. There was a recently restored Ferrari 333P , a Formula one Mclaren M23 that James Hunt drove in his 1976 championship year, and several Porsches, BMW's and Lotus. Reported by Mike Carroll.


2013 June Jamboree
Check out our Up-Dated Section Website
Our Section Website has been updated and older Star-Gazer issues have been archived for your enjoyment.  In an effort to increase communication to our members, the content will be updated weekly. Because we are a Club steeped in tradition and history, older photos will be moved to our Facebook Timeline in the appropriate album years. Our Facebook page is an interactive page where you can respond, post information and share events. Our Section has experienced national, international (more about this below) and profound respect in the region.  It is time for you, as members to participate and share the brand with us. John Mc Auliffe 
Looking Forward to our MBRVC Visit   
Pictures By John Mc Auliffe

Service is the Key to MBRVC Success!
Our 2014 - MBRVC Tech  Session February 8th, 2014!
12 pm - 4 pm Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre will host our first 2014 event, our "Presidents New Member Welcome". We are honored to be invited to their new State-of-the-art Service facility at 110 West Graham Avenue, Hempstead, New York 11550.  We will again honor our Three Year renewal Members.

There will be food, gifts, prizes and a putting contest on their indoor green above the service bays. We will also have a Sales Adviser assist our members in all Mercedes-Benz issues.  Call Norman Ducorsky (516-478-0633) for information about club programs and dealers incentives. He will tell you about his 1989 300E with over 743.000 miles. An article about his car will appear in the first 2014 Star issue.  MBRVC will have an article published  in this month's Star as Star Dealer.  

Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre has a great history on Long Island. Check out their "Star Dealership" article in this issue of the Star.    

For over fifty-five years,Mercedes-Benz of RockvilleCentre has represented the finest tradition of the Mercedes-Benz marque. MBRVC is one of the original seven dealers that began selling Mercedes-Benz automobiles in the United States in 1957, and is the oldest dealership on Long Island. Three generations of the Meyer family have proudly served Mercedes-Benz and Maybach clients.
It was during the Great Depression that Fred Meyer, a German immigrant, had difficulty finding work. He secured a $7,000 loan and opened an auto repair shop on Lakeview Avenue in Rockville Centre, New York in 1932.  A few years later, he acquired a Studebaker franchise and his shop became known as Ideal Auto Sales. The business grew slowly until World War II, but the war's impact on the auto industry was brutal. New cars were in short supply. Gas, oil, and tires were all rationed, and to make matters worse, even spare parts were very hard to come
A 1971 - 280 SE Cabriolet on display for the Grand Opening.    
by. By the end of the war demand for new cars was great, however, circumstances being as they were, none would be available for four years!  It was not until after this difficult period that a showroom and body shop were completed in 1949. In 1955, Studebaker merged with Packard, and by that time, the former had already acquired the distribution rights for Mercedes-Benz within the United States. Finally, on July 12, 1957, Ideal Auto Sales officially began its relationship with Mercedes-Benz.  Most would say that the company's success in the early years was attributed to Fred Meyer's warm personality.
In 1968, Ideal Auto was renamed Lakeview Auto Sales and Service, and three years later in 1971, Fred Meyer's son, Edward, took the reins after his father's retirement. Once again the company grew, but this time creating a need for expansion. While sales and service were housed together until 1997, it was in that year that Lakeview expanded their franchise with a luxurious new car showroom built just two miles away on Sunrise Highway.
With the retirement of Edward Meyer in 2001, his son  David began his contribution to the family's legacy, and eventually became President.   Under MBRVC David's leadership, the company expanded to include the Maybach franchise, and in 2012 the service & parts departments were relocated from Lakeview to our new state-of-the-art facility, situated on 4 acres and totaling over 100,000 sq ft.  At the same time, we undertook a complete renovation of our sales facility on Sunrise highway, and are proud to display over 90 vehicles indoors in our 35,000 sq.ft. showroom.
When a customer buys a car from MBRVC, they acquire more than just an automobile.  They are also establishing a relationship with our family.  At MBRVC, we do not want to sell you just one car, we want to sell every car you or your friends and family will ever purchase in the future. The notion that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are the finest vehicles in the world is, of course, a factor, but there is more. The fact that we are family owned and operated and that we sell and service only Mercedes-Benz products, allows a focus that many dealers lack. It also fosters a corporate culture that is customer centric. In the words of our founder, "The customer is king".
Sales are, of course, a critical component of a dealer's business. However, MBRVC doesn't try to sell you whatever happens to be in our inventory. We have always prided ourselves on finding the car that best suits our client's needs, no matter where that particular car may be located.  MBRVC's sales philosophy is best summed up by our General Sales Manager, Jeff Frankel: "We have the opportunity to help fulfill people's dreams of owning a Mercedes-Benz, and that is a very pleasant place to be".  MBRVC sells over 2,000 new and certified pre-owned automobiles a year.
Special guest enjoyed wine, cheese and the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles
Service has always been a key element in MBRVC's success. Sales may begin the relationship, but service is what maintains it. Respect for the customer's time is paramount.  In our new location, we provide clients with a pampering experience of thoughtful conveniences.  From the moment you drive into our spacious, climate-controlled service drive, visit the beautifully appointed customer lounge, or browse our Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Boutique, it will be clear that our Service & Parts Center is the new benchmark, and unlike any other. Our clients also have an open view of the workshop to observe the expertise and attention to detail our factory trained technicians impart to each Mercedes-Benz in our care.  If you would rather sit back and relax, we offer hair and nail services, as well as massages.  Or you can practice your putting on our indoor green.
Many of MBRVC's personnel have been with
Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre, NY 
Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre, NY
-click on video to play in Youtube.-  
the company a verylong time. For example, Vinny Ruggieri, our Service Manager, has been with the company for almost thirty years.  He started as a technician, working only on Mercedes-Benz automobiles, and worked his way up to Shop Foreman, and eventually Service Manager.  It is highly unlikely that anissue will arise that Vinny will not know how to remedy.
In 2012, MBRVC was honored with Mercedes-Benz USA's distinguished Best of the Best Dealer Award, and in 2013 we are excited to add the Sprinter franchise to our portfolio!

Wil Jansen
General Manager
Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre - Luxury at Every Turn Phone / Fax - (516) 478-0410

Thank you Wil - John Mc Auliffe

3 year Memberships - Renew Now!


MBRVC Tech  Session February 8th, 2014!
There are a lot of benefits in being a
member of the Mercedes- Benz Club Of America.  The Loyalty Discount, Service Discount, Parts Discount, Store Discount and the relationships with fellow owners and collectors.  As we did last year - The BOD would like to recognize our members who sign up for 3 years. If your membership dues are paid up to 2016 you will get a special gift from the BOD presented at our first event of 2014,
The "Presidents New Member Welcome".10 am -1 pm at  Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Center.

Annual Meeting/Holiday Party -

Please RSVP  


December 1, 2013 - Sunday - Annual Membership Meeting/ Holiday Party.
Time: 12:00 - 4:00pm
Traditionally, the NYC-Long Island Section gathers The Inn at New Hyde park 2012 at the elegant, The Inn at New Hyde Park - www.innatnhp.com . For 2013, we have secured the Conservatory banquet room on the main-level /street level, easily accessible for all. There is a patio adjacent to the room overlooking the garden. Join us and share season wishes with fellow M-B members.
The menu includes six entree choices. One often requested menu item is Sauerbraten. This year we will include music for your listening and dining pleasure. 
In gratitude for your membership, The Board of Directors (BOD) is subsidizing the price of this event. If you have items you can donate to our Raffle Table - please contact John Weigel or bring them to the event. For more info:  Contact John Weigel jawmbc@gmail.com Please RSVP via check for $40.00 per person for adults and $20.00 per child made payable to: MBCA    
RSVP to: Gullwing Motors
100 Windsor Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501
Attn: Lou Palumbo
Check Memo: Annual Meeting/Party
Please bring unwrapped toys for the John Theissen Children's Foundation which we are supporting for the Seventh consecutive year.
Please visit www.jtcf.org for additional information regarding the organization. This charity delivers gifts to needy and hospital bound children throughout the year.
On behalf of the BOD, we look forward to seeing you on December 1st.

Our 2014 - Events will be updated when information is available!

Our 2014 - MBRVC Tech  Session February 8th, 2014!

Noon to 4pm - Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Center will host our first 2014 event. There will be food, gifts, prizes and a putting contest on their indoor green above the service bays. Service Techs will be available for visual assessment of our cars so bring yours down to this event. We will present our "2014 Presidents New Member Welcome".  Stay tuned for more details.  We will again honor our Three Year renewal Members.  See details in this email blast.

April 5, 2014 - Saturday - Spring Tune-up Tech Session at Gullwing Motors in Mineola. Lou will host a meeting that is sure to please the members - new and established.  Gullwing Motors has always shared the procedures for the care and feeding of our M-B babies. Please RSVP for this event - lunch will be served. 
RSVP to: Gullwing Motors
100 Windsor Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501
Attn: Lou Palumbo
Check Memo: 4/5 Tech Session 

June, Saturday - (Date and time to follow) June Jamboree 2014 in Montvale, New Jersey. This is a premier National MBCA event hosted by our esteemed Northern New Jersey Section Event.  Our sections have shared many Mercedes-Benz stories and continue to participate in each others events.

The tradition continues!  NNJS is proud to announce that the 51st Annual June Jamboree will be held MBUSA Headquarters in Montvale, New Jersey. The June Jamboree is the longest running car show event in the MBCA. Come join us for this fun-filled day as we gaze upon the starships in all their glory.  The cars will be divided into two categories: Concours (street class) and Popular Vote. For more information, please check out the  NNJS website.
Registration and other info to be announced. 




See the Star online by visiting MBCA.org Star Spring 2013 and signing in.  There are back issues available. 


Other Section's Events! Check updates. 


Keystone Section Events Link Here http://keystone.mbca.org/ 

Northeast PA Section Events Link Here  http://www.mbca-nepa.org  


Northern New Jersey Section Link Here http://sections.mbca.org/northern_new_jersey  

News from our National Business Office.


Chicago to Key West Road Trip - Renee Welsch of the Chicagoland Section is organizing a fun and fabulous road trip from Chicago to Key West  August 16-26, 2015 (that's right - 2015). She's arranged to guide you to the BEST places on this upcoming adventure which will include: deluxe hotel accommodations for 10 days; private museum tours & entertainment packages;2015 guided trolley tours; catamaran sailing at sunset in Key West; gala dinner parties every evening & SO MUCH MORE! Deposits MUST be received by April 2014 for a maximum 50 vehicles/100 guests. See ad for details. 

MBCA Member Benefits - One of the many benefits of membership are the savings and discounts you are entitled to year-round. Share this Member Benefits ad with your Members to remind them of the many valuable perks their annual membership includes.


Check out our Star Dealership article in this month's Star.
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* Specialists in Sprinter Van Maintenance!!!
Visit our new Auto Restoration Facility across from our full service maintenance shop.  We will be having an official Grand Opening with the club!  Stay Tuned!!! 
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Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sprinter Vans, Parts Cars, All models! Contact Lou at
June Jamboree
Sprinter Van
Gullwing Motors, Mineola, NY, 
TEL : 516-742-3320

Also Wanted 
Roof Racks for SL Hard Tops! 
Gullwing Wanted!
   Jan Wheel
Mercedes Benz Dayton Wire Wheels - 4 Dayton wire wheels  unmounted 14' x 7" knock off with adapters . chrome not perfect but nice. These wheels are over $2000. new and look great on older SL(107 & 113) coupes (114 and 123) and most 14 inch Benz applications. asking $800 or best real offer. The pictures are the actual wheels. I had them on a Euro 107 280 SL and they were great.516-819-1511 jan wheelemail:jvdbaan@yahoo.com
Check for price changes!!!
Find Great Deals!

2003 SLK 320.  Pewter/Blk  45,000 miles.
Absolutely perfect condition. $16,000  Please email martinboettcher@ymail.com


This 1980 European Model Mercedes Benz 500 SEL is in excellent condition, and runs great. The car has 85,360 miles on it. The exterior is silberblau (silver-blue) while the interior is blue. In addition, the car also has power steering, power windows, power mirrors, AC, cloth seats, an AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3 auxiliary, AC, and front and rear heated seats. $15,000.00 If you have any additional questions about the car, call 516-742-3320 or Email gullwingmotors@yahoo.com

1986 420 for sale

This 1986 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL is in excellent condition, and runs great. The car has 89,452 miles on it. The exterior is silver, and the interior is grey. In addition, the car also has power steering, power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, dual power seats, and an AM/FM radio. $12,000. If you have any additional questions about the car, call: 516-742-3320 or Email gullwingmotors@yahoo.com

1968 250SL
1968 250SL

1968 250 SL California Special Hard Top Convertible. This is an extremely rare automobile. Metallic Red with tan interior 6 cyl fuel injected engine. 4 speed rebuilt automatic transmission. Power Brake & Power Steering. New 4 wheel discs & tires. New radio/cd player. Wooden steering. Restored interior. Custom floor mats. New exhaust. Rebuilt front end. Complete Orig Tool Kit & Manuals & Service records. Remember the odometer reads in km/hr, NOT mph, so 22249 km is approximately 13795 miles. $35,500 - Contact Gullwing Motors for more info & photos.(516)742-3320


1967 230SL Pagoda 
1967 Mercedes 230 SL Roadster  Great Condition w/3rd Passenger Seat. Used by the current owner as a summer car, it is all original, all factory, except for the 4-year-old Custom Metallic Burgundy finish. This car comes with both Soft and Hard Tops. The interior is white, has driver & passenger MBZ mats and original wood trim around the dash. The odometer reads 50804 original KM (app. 31,500 miles). The 2.3 litre 6 cyl. engine and 4-speed manual transmission were overhauled and the clutch replaced approximately 2000 miles ago. The exhaust, muffler, seat covers and soft top were replaced around 4 years ago. The Goodyear Integrity tires are new. And just as important, this is a NO-SMOKING car. Asking $28,000 - Contact  Gullwing Motors for more info & photos. (516)742-3320

 If you noticed one of our listings is missing - it's because it was successfully sold.  We will be accepting pictures and descriptions of M-B cars or parts for sale and posting them here. Contact: John Mc Auliffe jjmvideo@aol.com  Subject: M-B Car for sale 
Another Member Benefit:  List your Mercedes-Benz Car for sale, in the NYC-Long Island newsletter at no cost.  Non-Members can list a Mercedes-Benz for sale. Send a check in the amount of $25 payable to MBCA and mailed to the Treasurer per quarter year.  * Content and photos are the sole responsibility of the seller.  The club will not be responsible for descriptions or photos of listed vehicles.Members have suggested other web sites to sell your car.  Try Benzlist.com, and mobile.de.  If you have other sites, please share them here.




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