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Pres. Oliver
Presidents Message


As I write this we are between winter storms. This winter has been a cold and snowy one and I hope that you are warm and safe whether at home or in your Mercedes Benz.


This year has been a busy one for your board with many challenges and changes. First our treasurer, Dr. John Weigel has retired. He and his wife, Ellie have organized our Christmas party the past few years. This year John and Ellie reached out to the ten Mercedes Benz dealerships. We received gifts from Mercedes Benz of Rockville Center, Rallye Motors, Massapequa, Smithtown, Huntington and Helms Brothers of Queens. We will miss them but they have said they will continue to help us! We wish them well!
We have been busily planning the events for the year. The first half is pretty
well settled. At the end of the week weather permitting we will be having a Tech session at Rockville Centre Mercedes Benz. The back up date is February 15th dealership was written up in the November/December issue of the Star magazine by John Mc Auliffe our own Communication Director. Present will be Norman Ducorsky who was also written up in the Star. His story written by his son appeared in the January/ February issue of the Star. His 1989 300E has 750,000 miles on it! In April we will be having a tech session at Gullwing Motors. Lou Palumbo and his son Steve will take you through their new restoration shop complete with a state of the art paint booth. Later on, possibly on the weekend of the June Jamboree we will be having a training for judges. If you are interested in being a judge please let me know. We will need judges for our September Legends event.

I would also like to introduce to you to our newest board members Nick Kaftan and Dominick Citera. Nick used to do ads for Mercedes Benz and lives in Manhattan. Dominick lives in Smithtown and has a working relationship with Mercedes Benz of Smithtown. We look forward to working with them. If you frequent a Mercedes dealership let us know how it is working for you. We would like to know.

Be safe and enjoy your Mercedes Benz!
Oliver Seligman


3 year Memberships Honored!


Renew for 3 years!MBCA LOGO
There are a lot of benefits in being a member of the Mercedes- Benz Club Of America.   The Loyalty Discount, Service Discount, Parts Discount, Store Discount and the relationships with fellow owners and collectors.  As we did last year - The BOD would like to recognize our members who sign up for 3 years. If your membership dues are paid up to 2016 (as of 12/31/2013) you will get a special gift from the BOD presented at our first event of 2014, The "Presidents New Member Welcome".12 pm - 4 pm at  Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Center.


MBRVC Service2013
It is easy to say that the MBCA is a national organization and each section is special with unique events and programs for their members.  We are not just a classic car club, sections also host young driver clinics as well as route and winery tours. I have had the privilege of serving as your Section Communication Director and get access to the newsletters from other sections.  You should take the time to check out their offerings.  They are worth a visit while on vacation or as a weekend destination. Many of the sections have Facebook pages and copies of each newsletter are available on their section websites.

Our latest pictures are already posted to our Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/NYCLIMB. Note our new Facebook web page name.

Each Dealer in our section will have a liaison representative we can contact for special help for being a MBCA member.  Remember - as a member you are entitled to the award winning Star Magazine, Loyalty discount - discounts on service and store discounts. Recent additions include fitted car covers at a 40% discount for members. You can see a listing of
all benefits HERE.

2014 will start with the
MBRVC Tech session.  We continue to plan for the "Legends of the Autobahn" in September. It will be an exciting year. Watch for our weekly emails, Star-Gazer Newsletter and visit our Section website for the latest news. 


Lenny Hummel's Pagoda at "Legends of the Autobahn 2011" 


In the Friday (1-31-14) issue of Newsday - Cars section, In The Garage, member Lenny Hummel had submitted a nice story with a color photo of his beautiful 1969 280SL roadster.  An interesting read and David Fluhrer included information about our section. 
If you want to show off your car, e-mail your information and a jpg photo (at least 200 dpi) for consideration to David Fluhrer, Newsday Wheels; thegarage@optonline.net
Thanks to Jerry Shapiro.

John, Ellie & Oliver at the Inn in New Hyde Park
This month was busy and momentous for your Board of
Directors. We had an excellent appreciation dinner for our John & Ellie Weigel, who is stepping down as a Board Member and Section Treasurer.  John served us well during our re-growth period and his sharp pencil kept our finances in check. He was also MC of our Holiday Party and with Ellie's help, collected and organized the Raffle Prizes. We will miss his humor and "Duke" impressions.  John and Ellie has also helped us support a local charity - The John Theissen Children's Foundation for the seventh consecutive year.  Please visit www.jtcf.org for additional information regarding the organization. This charity delivers gifts to needy and hospital bound children throughout the year on Long Island.
The Board has accepted two long time NYC-LI Section members to serve you on the BOD. We look forward to working with them both. Nick Kaftan and Dominic Citera whose information is in this Star-Gazer issue.


New Board Member - Dominick Citera


Dominick Citera was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and currently

June Jamboree Section Winners
Lou, Dominick & Oliver at 50th Annual June Jamboree

resides in Smithtown, NY with his wife Denise and son Patrick. Dominick received his Bachelor's Degree from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. He is a Financial Advisor with Equity Services, Inc. and Sales Director of the Jericho, Long Island Agency of National Life Group. Dominick's a 25 year veteran of the financial services industry with over 350 clients. He received the Life Underwriters Training Council Fellowship (LUTCF) designation recognizing his successful completion of advanced studies in the areas of insurance and investment planning. He's a recipient of many company awards for his outstanding performance, including Sales Manager of the Year for the entire company in 2013. Dominick has been a Mercedes Benz aficionado since owning his first Mercedes over 30 years ago, and has own 7 different Mercedes since then. He has been an active member of the Mercedes Benz Club of America for the last 15 years and has won the last 6 consecutive "Contours Awards" at the June Jamboree Mercedes Car show for his 1998 Mercedes Benz S500.    



Pursuit of the Sprinter By John Mc Auliffe


I guess my fascination with the Sprinter

June Jamboree
A 15 Passenger Sprinter at NNJS June Jamboree. 

would start with the name.  More a marathon runner than being named for the short fast racer, the Sprinter's model configurations show the stamina of Clydesdale pulling the iconic Bud beer wagon rather than a Yearling running at Belmont Race track.

Later this year, anticipating at least semi-retirement, a dilemma faced my bride and myself, transportation issues. Many of us in the late boomer age group are apparently facing the same or similar choices. A few of my friends have setup themselves handsomely and golden years will truly be golden. We have family spread more than half across the country, blood ties to New York and people to visit on the west coast. Except for the occasional TSA pat down, the thrill of flying is gone, gone, gone. The eight hours in the airport, in my opinion, is better spent on the road in a comfortable motor coach and will get me beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains from the East Coast.  

I love to travel and talk about places we have visited to anyone who will listen. Visits to ski resorts off season, natural rock outcrops that sing when rung like a bell make interesting conversation. Throughout the years of vacation and family visits we experienced the different types of vehicles available. Two door sports cars, rv sprinter 2 minibus people movers, passenger vans and even Class A and Class C motorhomes. The sleeping arrangements afforded by towed travel trailers, either tent pop-up or fully functional cabins on wheels was used with our friends and extended family. Each plus and pitfall of the modes of transport are seared into my memory. I would have it no other way. With young grand children to visit and spoil, my years of family camping has me looking at what is available to fill this adventurous spirit. Having also tried the hotel - motel circuit, pulling series of trailers - sized from 18 to 24 feet, behind a Ford Econolinepassenger van or driving a 31 foot motorhome from LA to Long Island, NY for 56 hours- towing a major storm all the way, is an experience. We survived - so I leave it to you weather it was a pleasant memory.

There is no other experience in life that will test or thrill you like seeing the United States from the road view. An ill-timed maneuver brought us north towards Chicago when we wished to stay on Route 80. Our month long vacation across the country was in a Class C six sleeper with my parents, wife and children. This visit was a classic for all concerned, the endless cornrows in the plane states made way for the barren scrub of the mountain valleys. Almost picturesque beyond description was the red rock of Sedona north of Tempe, AZ on the way to the Grand Canyon. Cabin fever set in outside of Lincoln, NE. but dissipated with the grandeur of Yellowstone and the water show at Old Faithful. We can all laugh about it today but, that is roughing it even with all the comforts on board. Family love is a strong glue.  RV Sprinter              

I love the research and mental exercise I'm experiencing choosing the ultimate family mover for this next phase of my life. Apparently, my theory is being realized by many people and RV sales are rising. Innovations in touring, passenger bus/ campers are exciting the manufacturers. All types of vehicle's are on the market. Sprinters have been modified with slide out rooms when you park and Murphy beds which hide in the wall while you travel. There is an all-electric camper with solar panels that charge batteries while you are in the sun and re-charge while you drive. The system eliminates the need for a generator for 110 volt power or propane for cooking. The unit has reportedly run four days without charging the batteries in remote campsites, but you can always plug in while shore power is available. They have been addressing the high cost of fuel with more efficient, comfortable window vans and non-traditional-camping campers. Gas powered vans have improved and diesel truck/ vans have been available in the US for some time. There is now a newer entry that has grabbed some of the market from C-F & D.

Based on the Euro-Van made by Mercedes-Benz and until recently, marketed under the Dodge, Freightliner and M-B badges, the Sprinter in different configurations is seen all over the road as cargo, utility, passenger, shuttle bus, limo and full motorhome Class B and C platforms. There is no mistaking the brand from the US small truck version. It tend to have an extra tall height naturally but, is available in a non- raised style, instead of the added on - ambulance high - raised roof seen on converted US van. While the US market stayed with the gasoline engine, putting larger and larger V8 and V10 power plants under the hood, the Sprinter originally had a 5 cylinder, and since 2007 a 6 cylinder diesel engine. The real world MPG available, reported at about 20 - 24 highway is exciting and diesel fuel is used by the big rig trucks for its efficiency is readily available on the road. Diesel engines have fewer moving parts and maintained - can last over 500,000 miles. And, new for 2014 - 4 cylinder diesel has been brought across the pond which has a 20 year proven record in Europe. MPG on that plant nears 40 MPG highway.

At first I thought I would get a cargo Sprinter to build into a touring coach with extra captain's chairs for the passengers. Soon I realized most of the work was done in a Sprinter passenger van. The floor and sidewalls would have been sound proofed and insulated as compared to the raw metal or ply covered walls in a cargo van. I would have to get custom windows with sliding glass for ventilation installed in the cargo version. A limo or passenger Sprinter would have great viewing glass and most likely A/C so windows that vent may be not be necessary. I wish to use the Sprinter for long haul travel especially to Colorado to visit grandkids. I can envision taking grandkids to Federal and state parks for possible overnight camping. We would have to carry gear - maybe pull a small trailer, all perfect chores for the Sprinter.      

While I looked for used Sprinter passenger, Google showed a few diesel US vans and pickup trucks. While the Sprinter is a rear drive van as is most vans, there have been modification companies who converted vans to 4x4 for real off road camping or jumping rocks and climbing river gullies. I'm not looking for anything so exotic. Just a 6 passenger travel van with headroom, small galley and bath room set up.

I know they are available. The camper market has all the big players, Airstream, Leisure, Roadtrek,

Airstream Sprinter
An Airstream Sprinter 

Sportsmobile, Winnebago, have Sprinter based rigs available. I saw an Airstream Sprinter on the Long Island Expressway. It looked as if it had an extra high roofline and sported a secondary roof A/C. It tracked nicely on the road, maintaining speed with the traffic on a 2500 base Sprinter. Some of the RV manufacturers have based their products on the duel rear wheeled 3500 chassis. There are a few companies who rent out Sprinters in the multi-passenger style. A few camper dealers also rent rigs of various sizes and styles for travel. Locally we can pick them up in New Jersey. For a real adventure - you can fly into the Midwest and drive a Sprinter rig around the Federal parks for a weeks' time with all the comfort of camping and return it to another location to fly home. If you have no specific plans - one rental group will have you pick up a rig at a great discount and return to their Arizona plant for service and cleaning. They offer a handsome amount of days for you to travel before you return from exotic locals like Canada or Alaska. I drooled when I saw a beautiful Sprinter 15 passenger van at Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre in New York. The M-B dealer in Massapequa had an entertainment limo style van with huge TV screens and the latest quality sound system. Coach builders will modify just about anything you have in mind.

While I scan the auction websites, ebay.com, craigslist etc. for deals, it is obvious the market is full of likely choices. Most of the Limo style vans may have more miles on them, but the interiors and exteriors seem extra clean. That is what I will be looking for. TLC on the engines should continue their serviceability for a few more years and miles of family visiting smiles. A brand new rig is not out of the question either. In the long run - new will always have its benefits. As a trial trip vehicle I think I would opt for a used passenger van.

Valerie's "Find" in NC

Meanwhile the hunt is on for a planned two week trip to Colorado in late summer. I'll continue this saga as I narrow down my available options. Wish me luck.    

John Mc Auliffe  


In the 2013 Star Tracks newsletter there appeared this Sprinter RV Blurb by Club Pres. Valerie Cristiano

Link: http://sections.mbca.org/northern_new_jersey/novdec13.pdf 


Did you know that Mercedes makes motor homes on the Sprinter chassis? They are not available in the US, however, you can purchase one in Canada. How

do I know this? While visiting in Asheville, NC, I noticed what looked like a Sprinter motorhome in the parking lot of Antler Village. Being a Benz enthusiast, I stopped and stared at it, as I began walking past it (still looking) the door opened and the owners came out since they had noticed my interest in the vehicle. They were from

Oregon and had been traveling the US for about 3 months and told me how much

they enjoyed their Unity model Leisure Van and were looking forward to attending

the meeting of other van owners in Canada next year. They invited me to come

inside and take a look  - WOW!! They had the Murphy Bed option (located in the

slide) which gave them more living space, a pop- up 32" TV, reclining leather seats for relaxing or watching TV,

curved European cabinetry, refrigerator, stove, sink, microwave, plenty of storage, swivel captain chairs in the cock-pit, and a washroom with a curved corner shower and skylights. It was amazing to see the amount of space avail-able in this particular model. It gives a new meaning to the words "Road Trip"! Valerie Cristiano




Three Year Renewal Members


Legends of the Autobahn
Member Daniel Foot at the 2013 "Legends of the Autobahn"
The following members have renewed their membership to 2016 and will be presented with a special gift from the BOD.  Your gift will be presented at the MBRVC Tech session event February 8th. Eighty-five members renewed for multiple years attesting to their commitment and loyalty to the club. We are committed to increasing membership, servicing our section's members and organizing interesting events.    
Keith Adams
John Anaischik
Christopher Arnone
Sean Aryai
Laeeq Bajwa
Dan Beer
Yuri Beissel
George Bennett
Conor Bennett
Robert Bersh
Lawrence Blatte
Charlotte Blumencranz
Edward   Cammon
Victor Chan
Suresh Chander
Wilgene Cheng
Kenneth Cobb
Dennis Damascus
David Denkers
Jonathan Eng
Paul Gallo
Eugene Gaughan
Bruce Goldblatt
Bill Hajek
E Hamilton
Richard Hanna
Joseph Hughes
Vincent Iacono
Cees Janneman
Herbert Jesswein
Joel Joachim
Robert   Kalbacher
Sanford Kane
Lawrence Kaplan
Dany Karp
Neil Keller
Donald Kennedy
Jeair Khoshanoff
Matt Koenig
Joseph Lebarr
Bradley Levine
Daniel Levitt
Loren Lortscher
Richard Maidman
James Malone
Robinson Markel
Calvin Marshall
James Mc Farlane
Peter Menger
Keith Moss
Russell Nardozza
Michael Nekava
Joseph Nilsson
Anthony Palattella
Louis Palumbo
Valentin Pavlovici
Steven Raab
Matthew Rifkin
John Roarty
Steven Rochen
Christopher Rollo
Rudy Rosenberg
Richard Rosenberg
Alexander Rosner
Juan Rueda
Mark Russell
Helga Sayig
Michael   Sherman
Joseph Shutovich
Michael Sikora
Dennis Skinner
Timothy Smith
James Stengel
Whitney Stroh
Robert J   Tanner
Christopher Tong
Joseph Tripp
Alan Weinschel
Michael Weiss
George Wellde Jr.
Kelly Williams
George Wilson
Andrew Wimpfheimer
Joseph Woo
Help Wanted!


If you are organized and in the events or travel industry - we need your help.  We would like to organize overnight events to destinations for our section.  If interested - contact Oliver Seligman


Our 2014 - Events will be updated when information is available!

Our 2014 - MBRVC Tech  Session February 8th, 2014 and The "Presidents New Member Welcome"!

Mike Carroll 77 300SL
Mike Carroll"s 300SL
Noon to 4pm - Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Center will host our first 2014 event. (Rain date - February 15th) There will be food, gifts, prizes and a putting contest on their indoor green above the service bays. Service Techs will be available for visual assessment of our cars so bring yours down to this event. Get a exclusive tour of the new S class and the affordable CLA. We will present our "2014 Presidents New Member Welcome". We will again honor our Three Year renewal Members. See details in our Star-Gazer and weekly email.  We will meet at MBRVC's SERVICE CENTER: 110 West Graham Avenue, Hempstead, New York, 11550 Please RSVP by calling Lou at Gullwing 516-742-3320 or by email to John.

April 5, 2014 - Saturday - Spring Tune-up Tech Session at Gullwing
Gullwing Motors Spring Tech Session
Motors in Mineola. Lou Palumbo will host a meeting that is sure to please the members - new and established. Gullwing Motors has always shared the procedures for the care and feeding of our M-B babies. Lou and Steve will also be unveiling their State- of - the - Art restoration facility. Please RSVP for this event - lunch will be served. Please contact us for a head count.
Saturday June 7, 2014 - June Jamboree 2014 in Montvale, New Jersey. This is a premier National MBCA event hosted by our esteemed Northern New Jersey Section Event.  Our sections have shared many Mercedes-Benz stories and continue to participate in each others events.
The tradition continues!  NNJS is proud to announce that the 51st Annual June Jamboree will be held MBUSA Headquarters in Montvale, New Jersey. The June Jamboree is the longest running car show event in the MBCA. Come join us for this fun-filled day as we gaze upon the starships in all their glory.  The cars will be divided into two categories: Concours (street class) and Popular Vote. For more information, please check out the  NNJS website.
Registration and other info to be announced. 


See the Star online by visiting MBCA.org Star Spring 2013 and signing in.  There are back issues available. 


Other Section's Events! Check updates. 


Keystone Section Events Link Here http://keystone.mbca.org/ 

Northeast PA Section Events Link Here  http://www.mbca-nepa.org  


Northern New Jersey Section Link Here http://sections.mbca.org/northern_new_jersey  

News from our National Business Office.


Chicago to Key West Road Trip - Renee Welsch of the Chicagoland Section is organizing a fun and fabulous road trip from Chicago to Key West  August 16-26, 2015 (that's right - 2015). She's arranged to guide you to the BEST places on this upcoming adventure which will include: deluxe hotel accommodations for 10 days; private museum tours & entertainment packages;2015 guided trolley tours; catamaran sailing at sunset in Key West; gala dinner parties every evening & SO MUCH MORE! Deposits MUST be received by April 2014 for a maximum 50 vehicles/100 guests. See ad for details. 

MBCA Member Benefits - One of the many benefits of membership are the savings and discounts you are entitled to year-round. Share this Member Benefits ad with your Members to remind them of the many valuable perks their annual membership includes.



Regional / National News


Joe Grattan The Annual MBCA Board meeting has just concluded and there are interesting things happening.


We elected a new slate of officers:

President - Terry Kiwala, (Western Reserve) he was Treasurer last year.

VP -Laura Simonds (Bay Area)

Treasurer- Bill Denton (Chicagoland)

Secretary - Jim Luikens (Michigan)


The Club Store as we know it has changed. We have contracted with a supply house for all logo clothing. The NBO will continue to offer other small items (pens, mugs, key chains etc.)


By the way - the Club store at NBO is selling clothing items currently in stock at discount prices - take a look, they won't last long.


National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) is in October. MBCA plans to develop / adopt a plan for all Sections to use during that week. This probably won't require much $$. It will require planning and coordination with others. I would like one person from each Section to volunteer to be the coordinator for the event.   We have plenty of time but we might as well start now.


A few years ago a Preservation Class was established. I will get all the criteria soon. What I know now the car must be 25 (1989 as of June '14) years old and be all original. Doesn't have to be perfect.


Joe Grattan | RD | Mid-Atlantic Region | josephgrattan@aol.com  


MBCA Trip to Germany



#1: NEW in 2014! G-Wagen Owners' Adventure through Austria & Hungary | May 10-16, 2014


Did you know the G-Wagen is the longest-produced Mercedes-Benz in Daimler's history, with a span of 32 years?


You and a spouse/guest will spend 8 days and 7 nights as the guests of Daimler AG on this unique trip through parts of Austria and Hungary.  Enjoy a special Welcome Dinner your first evening and participate in any number of suggested activities throughout the week.

During your stay, you will be personally escorted on an all-day tour of the G-Wagen factory in Graz, Austria. Drive on the factory's on-site test track - a heart-pounding 5,000-foot elevation mountaintop (or let someone do the driving for you)! PLUS, you may be one of the first Americans to witness the production of the all-new Mercedes-Benz 2014 CLA sedan in Hungary!


Come a day or two early or leave a day or two later. Let MBCA's travel planning experts create the itinerary and add-on excursions that are perfect for you.


Cost: $3,000 U.S. per person includes hotels, meals, transportation and guided tours in English (airfare is additional). Space is limited to the first 20 guests. Your $500/pp deposit is needed soon! Call Trip Leiter and past National MBCA President Jim O'Sullivan at 843.671.2079 or email osullivanj55@gmail.com for details.


#2: Back by popular demand! Stuttgart Germany Tour | July 28-Aug. 3, 2014


"The MBCA trip to Germany is one of the best benefits offered to Club Members. Whether you are a lifelong Mercedes-Benz enthusiast or have recently acquired your first Mercedes, you will simply be 'WOWED' by the experience. I have taken this trip four times! That speaks for itself." Cliff Reyle, MBCA Central Regional Director & Member, Memphis Section   


Take MBCA's guided trip through the Stuttgart Region and experience the rich heritage of Mercedes-Benz first-hand. Enjoy VIP destinations, accommodations and five-star cuisine. No worries, just "WOW!" on this command-performance excursion for Members, families and friends. Repeat travelers give these trips two BIG thumbs up! Read a satisfied Member's Germany tour diary here:



Again in 2014, MBCA is offering optional European river cruises after this trip. See #3 below for details.  


#3: The 2013 autumn trip was a sell-out - reserve your 2014 space now! Stuttgart, Germany Tour | September 22-28, 2014

"Trip of a lifetime! The experience was totally unique and special, giving us a much greater appreciation for everything Mercedes-Benz." Laura and Richard Simonds, National Vice President and Past National President, respectively & Members, San Francisco Bay Area Section


Hundreds of MBCA Members and guests have traveled to Stuttgart with us in the autumn; and many have joined us multiple times. See for yourself why this trip is consistently voted "Nummer Eins" ("Number One") by discriminating travelers.


Enjoy captivating guided tours of the Carl Benz Museum in Ladenburg; the Daimler Workshop in Bad Cannstatt; the AMG facilities in Affalterbach; the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Brand Center in Unterturkheim; the Technical Museum in Sinsheim; the Bad Cannstatt Engine Assembly Plant; the Classic Center in Fellbach and the Sindelfingen assembly plant that covers more ground that the entire principality of Monaco. And that's just for starters!


Cost: $2,500 U.S. per person includes hotels, all meals, transportation and guided tours in English (airfare is additional). Call Trip Leiter and past National MBCA President Jim O'Sullivan at 843.671.2079 or email osullivanj55@gmail.com for details.


MBCA is offering optional European river cruises to travelers in July and September. For information and details, please contact Randy Norris at Frosch Travel @ 800.878.2929 ext. 7105.  


  Check out our 2014 Loyalty Reward program


MBCA Collector Car Insurance Program


Exceptional Insurance for your exceptional car -- vehicles 30 years and older.
Your membership to the Mercedes-Benz Club of America includes access 2012 Old Westbury to the MBCA Collector Car Insurance Program. Lockton Affinity and Chubb partnered with Mercedes-Benz Club of America to develop a solution for MBCA members to insure their classic and collectible vehicles. We offer agreed value coverage with no deductible. Plus, we allow you to choose the facility that will repair your vehicle after a loss. All of this at a price you'll like.

With nearly a half-century of experience meeting the needs of collector car owners, you can rest assured knowing that Chubb and Lockton will have you and your car well cared for. Most of all, you'll be getting broad coverage and service from people who understand your passion for cars.
Call (866) 335.0083* or visit chubbcollectorcar.com for details.
*This is a dedicated phone number specifically for MBCA members. Please be sure to use only this phone number when contacting us. Please let them know you read this ad in the NYC-LI newsletter.  



Click our ad to visit our website.
Call or email Norman Ducorsky (516-478-0633) for information about club programs and dealers incentives.
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* Specialists in Sprinter Van Maintenance!!!
Visit our new Auto Restoration Facility across from our full service maintenance shop.  We will be having an official Grand Opening with the club!  Stay Tuned!!! 
Visit www.gullwingusa.com
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Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sprinter Vans, Parts Cars, All models! Contact Lou at
June Jamboree
Sprinter Van
Gullwing Motors, Mineola, NY, 
TEL : 516-742-3320

Also Wanted 
Roof Racks for SL Hard Tops! 
Gullwing Wanted!
   Jan Wheel
Mercedes Benz Dayton Wire Wheels - 4 Dayton wire wheels  unmounted 14' x 7" knock off with adapters . chrome not perfect but nice. These wheels are over $2000. new and look great on older SL(107 & 113) coupes (114 and 123) and most 14 inch Benz applications. asking $800 or best real offer. The pictures are the actual wheels. I had them on a Euro 107 280 SL and they were great.516-819-1511 jan wheelemail:jvdbaan@yahoo.com
Check for price changes!!!
Find Great Deals!


This 1980 European Model Mercedes Benz 500 SEL is in excellent condition, and runs great. The car has 85,360 miles on it. The exterior is silberblau (silver-blue) while the interior is blue. In addition, the car also has power steering, power windows, power mirrors, AC, cloth seats, an AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3 auxiliary, AC, and front and rear heated seats. $15,000.00 If you have any additional questions about the car, call 516-742-3320 or Email gullwingmotors@yahoo.com 1986 420 for sale This 1986 Mercedes Benz 420 SEL is in excellent condition, and runs great. The car has 89,452 miles on it. The exterior is silver, and the interior is grey. In addition, the car also has power steering, power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, dual power seats, and an AM/FM radio. $12,000. If you have any additional questions about the car, call: 516-742-3320 or Email gullwingmotors@yahoo.com

1968 250SL
1968 250SL

1968 250 SL California Special Hard Top Convertible. This is an extremely rare automobile. Metallic Red with tan interior 6 cyl fuel injected engine. 4 speed rebuilt automatic transmission. Power Brake & Power Steering. New 4 wheel discs & tires. New radio/cd player. Wooden steering. Restored interior. Custom floor mats. New exhaust. Rebuilt front end. Complete Orig Tool Kit & Manuals & Service records. Remember the odometer reads in km/hr, NOT mph, so 22249 km is approximately 13795 miles. $35,500 - Contact Gullwing Motors for more info & photos.(516)742-3320 

1967 230SL Pagoda 
1967 Mercedes 230 SL Roadster  
Great Condition w/3rd Passenger Seat. Used by the current owner as a summer car, it is all original, all factory, except for the 4-year-old Custom Metallic Burgundy finish. This car comes with both Soft and Hard Tops. The interior is white, has driver & passenger MBZ mats and original wood trim around the dash. The odometer reads 50804 original KM (app. 31,500 miles). The 2.3 litre 6 cyl. engine and 4-speed manual transmission were overhauled and the clutch replaced approximately 2000 miles ago. The exhaust, muffler, seat covers and soft top were replaced around 4 years ago. The Goodyear Integrity tires are new. And just as important, this is a NO-SMOKING car. Asking $28,000 - Contact  Gullwing Motors for more info & photos. (516)742-3320       
If you noticed one of our listings is missing - it's because it was successfully sold.  
We will be accepting pictures and descriptions of M-B cars or parts for sale and posting them here. Contact: John Mc Auliffe jjmvideo@aol.com  Subject: M-B Car for sale   

Another Member Benefit:  List your Mercedes-Benz Car for sale, in the NYC-Long Island newsletter at no cost.  Non-Members can list a Mercedes-Benz for sale. Send a check in the amount of $25 payable to MBCA and mailed to the Treasurer per quarter year.  
* Content and photos are the sole responsibility of the seller.  The club will not be responsible for descriptions or photos of listed vehicles.
Members have suggested other web sites to sell your car.  Try Benzlist.com, and mobile.de.  If you have other sites, please share them here.



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